Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seven good things, version 2.0

I loved getting to read your 7 things, Sarah! The above is what I spent my week loving on.

For some reason still unknown to me, I went on a bit of photographing hiatus last week. I figured this would be a good chance to give my poor neglected art journal a bit of attention. Hopefully you can pick out everything on that dimly-lit photo of it.

I've got to say, this was a good exercise for me. I even found myself unable to choose just one thing some days! Practice in focusing on the good never goes astray for me.

The only complaint I have is that every time I went to go write something for my "7 things" list, this song got stuck in my head. Ugh!

Happy Wednesday!

<3 <4 <5,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seven good things in seven days.

These are my answers from the one good thing a day challenge! I hope you enjoy them, I know I did. :)

The PBB (peanut butter & banana) sandwich I had for supper. DELICIOUS.

The second last episode of Lost. It was a phenomenal episode and it was like getting ready to say goodbye to a friend. I've watched it since I was in high school people! From the beginning! It was hard to bid farewell.


My washi tape that I ordered from Pretty Tape arrived in the mail! :)

Bought a ton of fresh strawberries and bananas from Costco. I've been making smoothies ever since!

These two kids ROCK. Spent the night at their house swinging on swings, playing Snakes & Ladders with alcohol and just chatting about life. They make me feel good.


CAMPING. Oh yes. May two-four camping made me feel so amazing and restarted my head and heart. Read about my camping adventure here.

I woke up to the sound of rain on my tent and realized we'd probably have to pack up everything wet and without having a morning tea over the fire. SAD. I dozed back to sleep for an hour and when I woke up again it was sunny! Tents could dry out! Fire could be made! And the sun was a nice cap to the rest of this weeks good things. :)

Can't wait to read your good things Robyn! I loved this challenge, hopefully the others will be just as rewarding!

(Monday, Wednesday, Friday pictures are my own - the rest are from

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

seasons of love

One thing that permeates mine and Sarah's friendship is that we aren't afraid to be sentimental with each other. And believe me, there is a lot of sentimentalism. We have one and a half scrapbooks filled with love and silliness and all things that epitomize our friendship. The kinds of things that make me tear up and my make heart feel so exploding-ly full.

Our friendship is so special to me, because we just get each other. When I tell Sarah something, and she responds with something along the lines of "I feel you" or "I understand", I know she means it. She just gets it.

I have been working on my own personal scrapbook for the year 2008 for about a year and a half now. I've only been doing a page once every few weeks so it's been taking super long. This page is a result of one of my intense bursts of emotion, in which I needed to find an outlet for what was going on in my heart.

We've all been through rough stuff. It's always a blessing to come out of a hard time in life and know that you're stronger because of it, and because you had someone by your side through it. Sarah was that friend in that time. How could I not scrapbook that?

So today's post is just about sharing, not challenging. :) Although I would challenge anyone reading this not to underestimate the value of people who stick with you when things get hard. They are the real gems in life. 

<3 <4 <5,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Everything is beautiful.

Hey girl hey!

I have to say: this blog is all I can think about. I spend all day at work daydreaming and plotting challenges and posts. If someone asks me what I've been up to I frantically start talking about CKWDCT. I've always been pretty blog obsessed but this has gone to whole new levels. Bloggers Anonymous, anyone?

Also, the challenges I've thought up? Breathtaking. Extraordinary. Fearless. Inspiring. Oprah specials come to life!

Robyn and I have not shared the full extent of this blog yet, but I am here to reveal another piece of our extremely intricate puzzle: homegirls be facing punishments. In true John and Hank fashion, if we fail to successfully complete a challenge there will be consequences. These punishments will be determined by the other person and shall be properly documented for everyone's amusement! :)

And so with that, I am here to issue yet another challenge!! This next challenge is to make something pretty from something ugly. I am going to leave it open for interpretation, the only rule being no poo allowed. Get those creative juices flowing!

We'll share what we've done in two weeks right here via pictures or video. To anyone other than Robyn who is reading this: JOIN IN. To participate, email your newly pretty thing pictures to atlanticatlantis(at)gmail(dot)com and we'll feature them here!


<3 <4 <5,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

lovers in a dangerous time

Sarah is one of the most creative people I know, and she has been a blogging inspiration to me ever since she introduced me to the real world of blogging.  Needless to say, when she asked me what I thought of starting a blog together, my heart skipped a beat and all I could do was loudly proclaim YES at least ten times. There's this really weird thing I do with my hands when I get excited, and well, that happened a lot that night.

I really couldn't imagine anyone better or more creative to share blogging privileges with. 

We've got a lot of plans that I'm so excited to see turn into action. I am ready to laugh, to be surprised, and most importantly, to be challenged. (Please see aforementioned reasons for this blog's existence in Sarah's post below).

We're glad you're here!  It's going to be a summer full of happy timez by the looks of it.

And that brings me to my very first challenge to us both:
For one week (beginning tomorrow), document at least one good thing about your day, each night before you go to bed. It could be something special someone said to you, something silly that happened, a picture that made you laugh, a really good episode of Rich Bride Poor Bride, ANYTHING! And you can choose how to share it- draw a picture,  take a photo, or just write down a couple words. After the week is up, we will share our minimum of seven happy things on da blog.


<3 <4 <5,

Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's get ready to rumble.


Can you believe Robyn and I have only known each other for less than four years? It feels like we've been in love for so much longer! I have more memories with her than with most people I have known my entire life.

We dreamed up this blog for three reasons:

1. So we can be a part of each others lives even when we physically cannot be together.
2. To get out there and DO things and be accountable for DOing these things.
3. Having fun and getting shit done.


This blog is going to be multifaceted - we have so many ideas and plans! There will be videos, outings, photography, crafts and more!

What I'm most looking forward to in launching CKWDCT are the challenges! Robyn and I have agreed to issue challenges to one another (and most importantly to ourselves) throughout the course of this blog. It's about trying something new and making our lives more fun and exciting!

I want need some positivity to focus on when life becomes too hard.

I guess we've decided it's time to step outside the box! Push the envelope! Sweat it out! Step outside our comfort zone! Because it's only when you stop feeling comfortable that you grow as a person.

Sound good? Let's get started with something simple! My first challenge to each of us? We both must blog twice a week.

Okie doke, Rob-bob, your turn!

<3 <4 <5,