Friday, June 11, 2010

Is it too late to apologize?

I deserve a big fat FAIL for abandoning our poor little blog.

It is true that life has been unkind recently. Sometimes it's a joy to be able to turn to the blogging world for an escape. And sometimes it feels a little too much like a burden to try and keep up with it all. Seeing as I don't even have a blog with a large number of followers, I can only imagine the pressure that people who use their blog to promote their livelihood must feel sometimes.

Since I also certainly deserve a fail for not completing our second challenge (wow, Robyn...) I figured I would do something a little different in the meantime and just post a couple ugly things instead.

While I was home last week trying not to die with one ailment or another, I pulled out my high school art folder for a laugh. In both grade eleven and twelve we had to draw portraits of people we admire. I kind of strongly dislike how much these say about who I was in high school. Nevertheless I present to you:

Avril Lavigne
Amy Lee

I particularly enjoy how you can still see all the different directions of the pencil in both.
What was I thinking?

Ever had moments like that when you look back on things you made (or did) that seemed so awesome at the time? But now... not so much.  I wouldn't give up those pencil portraits for the world though, because they were the first drawings I ever completed. I will keep them and pull them out when I'm old and gray and remember what bad taste in music I used to have as a youngin'. Wouldn't you?

I feel like I should  apologize again for doing a terrible job of being a cool kid/doing anything cool.

I hope everybody has been having a good week and has an even better weekend. It looks like our typically gray city is in for a day of sunshine today, and I'm excited because that means the kids I work with will probably get to play outside, meaning I get to play outside.


<3 <4 <5,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Go lay in the sun.

We're still here! Life has been hot on our trail (lolz) and problems have ensued. Because of Robyn's injuries she has gone home for the week! Delayed response time on the "make something ugly beautiful" challenge is anticipated and expected.

Leave some love for our poor crippled lady. <3