Friday, June 11, 2010

Is it too late to apologize?

I deserve a big fat FAIL for abandoning our poor little blog.

It is true that life has been unkind recently. Sometimes it's a joy to be able to turn to the blogging world for an escape. And sometimes it feels a little too much like a burden to try and keep up with it all. Seeing as I don't even have a blog with a large number of followers, I can only imagine the pressure that people who use their blog to promote their livelihood must feel sometimes.

Since I also certainly deserve a fail for not completing our second challenge (wow, Robyn...) I figured I would do something a little different in the meantime and just post a couple ugly things instead.

While I was home last week trying not to die with one ailment or another, I pulled out my high school art folder for a laugh. In both grade eleven and twelve we had to draw portraits of people we admire. I kind of strongly dislike how much these say about who I was in high school. Nevertheless I present to you:

Avril Lavigne
Amy Lee

I particularly enjoy how you can still see all the different directions of the pencil in both.
What was I thinking?

Ever had moments like that when you look back on things you made (or did) that seemed so awesome at the time? But now... not so much.  I wouldn't give up those pencil portraits for the world though, because they were the first drawings I ever completed. I will keep them and pull them out when I'm old and gray and remember what bad taste in music I used to have as a youngin'. Wouldn't you?

I feel like I should  apologize again for doing a terrible job of being a cool kid/doing anything cool.

I hope everybody has been having a good week and has an even better weekend. It looks like our typically gray city is in for a day of sunshine today, and I'm excited because that means the kids I work with will probably get to play outside, meaning I get to play outside.


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  1. I thought this was sarah's post until I got to the bottom. When I saw those pictures i just thought, "wutttttttttt?". Either way, I can't say much - my first cd was the venga boys...

  2. That's exactly why I deleted my photo blog. After getting distracted and not posting all the new weddings and shoots I was doing, everything just piled up and I had way too much to catch up on that I just got frustrated and got rid of it!

    Haha Avril Lavigne and Amy Lee used to be pretty cool. I've gotta say their first CDs were dece-- for the times. And I can't even believe the stuff I liked and did back in the day. Some/most of it is pretty embarrassing to even think about.