Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Everything is beautiful.

Hey girl hey!

I have to say: this blog is all I can think about. I spend all day at work daydreaming and plotting challenges and posts. If someone asks me what I've been up to I frantically start talking about CKWDCT. I've always been pretty blog obsessed but this has gone to whole new levels. Bloggers Anonymous, anyone?

Also, the challenges I've thought up? Breathtaking. Extraordinary. Fearless. Inspiring. Oprah specials come to life!

Robyn and I have not shared the full extent of this blog yet, but I am here to reveal another piece of our extremely intricate puzzle: homegirls be facing punishments. In true John and Hank fashion, if we fail to successfully complete a challenge there will be consequences. These punishments will be determined by the other person and shall be properly documented for everyone's amusement! :)

And so with that, I am here to issue yet another challenge!! This next challenge is to make something pretty from something ugly. I am going to leave it open for interpretation, the only rule being no poo allowed. Get those creative juices flowing!

We'll share what we've done in two weeks right here via pictures or video. To anyone other than Robyn who is reading this: JOIN IN. To participate, email your newly pretty thing pictures to atlanticatlantis(at)gmail(dot)com and we'll feature them here!


<3 <4 <5,


  1. Oh I do hope that the fact that I will have two jobs won't warrant a punishment!!

    Good thing I've got two weeks because its going to take that long for me to not turn something ugly into something uglier! :)