Sunday, May 16, 2010

lovers in a dangerous time

Sarah is one of the most creative people I know, and she has been a blogging inspiration to me ever since she introduced me to the real world of blogging.  Needless to say, when she asked me what I thought of starting a blog together, my heart skipped a beat and all I could do was loudly proclaim YES at least ten times. There's this really weird thing I do with my hands when I get excited, and well, that happened a lot that night.

I really couldn't imagine anyone better or more creative to share blogging privileges with. 

We've got a lot of plans that I'm so excited to see turn into action. I am ready to laugh, to be surprised, and most importantly, to be challenged. (Please see aforementioned reasons for this blog's existence in Sarah's post below).

We're glad you're here!  It's going to be a summer full of happy timez by the looks of it.

And that brings me to my very first challenge to us both:
For one week (beginning tomorrow), document at least one good thing about your day, each night before you go to bed. It could be something special someone said to you, something silly that happened, a picture that made you laugh, a really good episode of Rich Bride Poor Bride, ANYTHING! And you can choose how to share it- draw a picture,  take a photo, or just write down a couple words. After the week is up, we will share our minimum of seven happy things on da blog.


<3 <4 <5,

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  1. This blog is going to make you do so many weird hand movements!!!

    I love your first challenge and I love youuu. <3