Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seven good things in seven days.

These are my answers from the one good thing a day challenge! I hope you enjoy them, I know I did. :)

The PBB (peanut butter & banana) sandwich I had for supper. DELICIOUS.

The second last episode of Lost. It was a phenomenal episode and it was like getting ready to say goodbye to a friend. I've watched it since I was in high school people! From the beginning! It was hard to bid farewell.


My washi tape that I ordered from Pretty Tape arrived in the mail! :)

Bought a ton of fresh strawberries and bananas from Costco. I've been making smoothies ever since!

These two kids ROCK. Spent the night at their house swinging on swings, playing Snakes & Ladders with alcohol and just chatting about life. They make me feel good.


CAMPING. Oh yes. May two-four camping made me feel so amazing and restarted my head and heart. Read about my camping adventure here.

I woke up to the sound of rain on my tent and realized we'd probably have to pack up everything wet and without having a morning tea over the fire. SAD. I dozed back to sleep for an hour and when I woke up again it was sunny! Tents could dry out! Fire could be made! And the sun was a nice cap to the rest of this weeks good things. :)

Can't wait to read your good things Robyn! I loved this challenge, hopefully the others will be just as rewarding!

(Monday, Wednesday, Friday pictures are my own - the rest are from wehearit.com)


  1. Love love love this post! It makes me so happy so obvi it worked. :)

    You should defs hook me up with one of your famous smoothies, I am a sick panda and would love some nutrients haha.

    Mine will be up tomorrow fo sho.

  2. I am glad it turned out to be a sunny day after all! I do admit I like the sound of rain falling on a tent. But it's the day you have to pack up it's not a good thing!